Combinatorial Optimization

Optimizing Croc Culling And Removal
For this project you will be given a csv file with: 1. Location of Croc sightings over the years 2. Paths of croc travel between sightings 3. A draft python file to fill in the code, or replace with a related Java/C file (or enter pseudo code) 1 Preparation This exercise is based on created data, but the context is relevant. There are much less sighting than used in this exercise Information: Crocodiles are often sighted around the Darwin area.…
Full Description of Optimizing Croc culling and removal
C++ Expert For Optimization Project
Please read the requirements very carefully. We have a software that reads text from files and create a vector of texts. We would like a function that will go over the vector and decide which elements to keep and which to delete, in such way that the sum of each character of each type (a,b,c) will match a target which is predefined.
Full Description of C++ expert for optimization project
Simulation In Simpy V.4
Create a simulation for a 3km segment of motorway that reduces after 2km from 3 lanes to 2 lanes in SimPy v.4
Full Description of Simulation in SimPy v.4
Application For One Of The Discrete Optimization Problems By Using Some Algorithms
Show in detail an application for one of the discrete optimization problems by considering one of the following algorithms. 1- Particle Swarm Optimization 2- Artificial Bee Colony 3- Firefly 4- Gray Wolf 5- Bacterial Foraging Optimization
Full Description of Application for one of the discrete optimization problems…
Mathematical Modeling Experts For A Timed Job
We have a timed job next Friday (Dec 10) from 6pm to midnight (EST timezone). During the job, you will be sent a few mathematical questions to answer. The questions will be from the material in the following link: The material relates to demand theory, profit maximization, failure rates, double marginalization, pass through rates, Nash equilibrium, and channel models. We will send the questions shortly after 6pm EST and you can send the solutions once you’re done. The questions…
Full Description of Mathematical Modeling Experts for a Timed Job
Optimisation Script (python-mip)
Using Python-MIP ( Optimization MIP - Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Task: Construct a basic optimisation script to maximise the mass of product. Objective: Maximise Mass of Products Constraints - 3 Products: Minimum Mass of Each Product (i,j,k) Quality Constraint1 for each Product (i,j,k) Quality Constraint2 for each Product (i,j,k). Quality Constraint3 for each Product (i,j,k) Quality Constraint4 for each Product (i,j,k) The purpose is to add this function of a university project.
Full Description of Optimisation Script (Python-MIP)
Implementation Of Metaheuristics(genetic Algorithms) In Python
Step 1) Select and implement a solution representation suitable for your metaheuristic, probably adapt the heuristic method such that it provides you solutions in a way you can use it. Step 2) Define, implement & test local search methods (in the case of local search-based metaheuristics) or define, implement & test ways of generating new solutions (population-based metaheuristics, e.g. cross-over for GA) Step 3) Implement and test the other components of your metaheuristic. The goal is to have a single…
Full Description of implementation of Metaheuristics(Genetic Algorithms) in Python
Optimization Of The Conventional Bike-sharing System
There is the problem of fleet unbalance, particularly during peak hours in conventional systems. This generally leads to service unavailability and to counter this issue we employ a rebalancing operation. Therefore, a simulation model should be developed to assess the profit and costs of conventional bike-sharing. This simulation model should integrate the key elements of bike-sharing service, mainly the management decisions. 1. Identifying the suitable strategies (For example, heuristic algorithms) that can be implemented in our simulation testbed, considering our…
Full Description of Optimization of the conventional bike-sharing system
Decision Support Sytem For Accept/reject Decisions Of Orders
Hello everyone! We are a project based company that takes orders of project proposals in each week. At the start of each week, by analyzing our resources, order types, and potential revenue of orders; we decide which projects we will accept and which to reject. Currently, I need an Excel VBA based Decision Support System to optimize the decision making process that we accomplish by using our experienced knowledge. Feel free to write your comments, proposals and past projects.
Full Description of Decision Support Sytem for Accept/Reject Decisions of Orders
Neo4j Connection To Vehicle Platooning Problem
I have a complete neo4j database connection code and the query for the routing problem. Just I need help with my vehicle platooning problem like how to take the inputs from the neo4j database.
Full Description of Neo4j connection to Vehicle platooning problem
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