Cloud Service

Build Fintech App
Need someone to build a Fintech webapp and mobile app somewhat like Paytm Money, for the Indian market. The traffic which we will be expecting is around 40K in initial 6 months. Deployment needs to be carried over the cloud enviroment.
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Cloud Services Expert Required
I need a consultant to help me with proper calculation of costing and appropriate design suggestion for hosting a mobile application on either of multiple cloud service providers like AWS, azure, or Google cloud.
Full Description of Cloud services expert required
Openstack Billing System
Looking for developer that expert in Openstack Billing System Integration with WHMCS is plus
Full Description of Openstack Billing System
Cloud Solution Architect
Service Request Management — An interface (UI or API) by which cloud services are consumed and/or requested by the customer of the MSP. It can be a clearly defined finite set of services provisioned from a self-serve service catalog or a service interface that serves as a pass-through to native Azure capabilities. The former could cater to infrastructure and operations (I&O) staff that just wants to provision IaaS resources while the latter could cater to developers that want flexibility to…
Full Description of Cloud Solution Architect
Pritunl Setup & Support
Expert for Pritunl Enterprise Server Setup & Support for our VPN servers in multiple AWS regions. We are looking forward for a long term contract.
Full Description of Pritunl Setup & Support
Part Time Developer
Requirements- support on snowflake and datadog Experience- 3-4 Years Work Type- Support Work Timings- 2-3 hours/weekdays
Full Description of Part time Developer
Micro Service Design
I have some functionality that written in NodeJs. I am working on designing a microservice with 2 functions This microservice will have 2 functions. One function is to parse data and one function is to save to DB I need help in refactoring the existing code(NodeJs)
Full Description of Micro Service Design
Cloudflare/fastly Cdn Setup And Website Optimization
We are looking for a Freelancer to set up CDN using Cloudflare/Fastly and to optimize our WordPress website. The optimization is for the Core Web Vitals of SEO. We will accept all proposals if the site name is sent to test the speed where the freelancer has been working on.
Full Description of Cloudflare/FASTLY CDN Setup and Website Optimization
Cloud Iaas провайдер на платформе Opennebula
Цель: Стать облачным провайдером IaaS, с современными стандартами предоставления услуг. У клиента есть возможность самостоятельно всё организовать, не делая ни одного звонка провайдеру (оплатить и настроить свою инфраструктуру или VDS / VPS). Дополнительно: стать host reseller
Full Description of Cloud IaaS провайдер на платформе OpenNebula
Set Up Ipfs Server
I want to set up an IPFS server and migrate a website to it. IF you have done IPFS configuration then it will be really helpful
Full Description of Set UP IPFS server
Purchase Me A Cloudflare Pro Plan -- 2
I am trying to upgrade to cloudflare plan with my credit card, but its not accepting my card, I want someone to help me to upgrade my cloudflare subscription to pro, which will cost around 20$ only so anyone who can do it asap please place your bids!
Full Description of Purchase me a cloudflare pro plan -- 2
Publish Software To Aws Market Place
I have build a software tool and want to publish the application software in AWS market place. Application server built with SpringBoot, UI with reactjs and database is MySQL
Full Description of Publish Software To AWS Market Place
My Website Got Down Even After Using Aws T2large
I'm using aws t2 large ec2 but my website got down even 50 users at a time. I'll award this project who can explain me the reason behind this. Running on aws t2large ec2 Apache, Unantu, Mysql, php.
Full Description of My website got down even after using aws…
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