Circuit Board Layout

Pid Controller For A Simulation Of A Curtain Coater Speed For A Certain Code Color
Hey, I am searching for a TinkerCAD (and Mathlab code for a curtain coater where we can control the conveyor belt speed depending on the color code (for color consistency) through a light sensor . So if we have a lighter color than the target, the conveyor belt will slow down in order to get into the target zone The Mathlab code is needed for a mathematical model with boundary conditions (our target color codes, minimum and maximum speed)
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Analysis Of Emc Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Results
Background: Our company is working on a product to control the AC power flow towards a heating element (max 3kW). We do this by switching a triac to chop the waveform. Our product also communicates with our server using WiFi or Ethernet. We want this product to fulfill the following standards: EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 60730-1, EN 62233, EN 61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3. Freelancer Task Description: We are looking for an expert regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The freelancer needs to…
Full Description of Analysis of EMC electromagnetic compatibility test results
Cellular Phone Line
I'm searching for a device that would accept a sim card and operate on the 4g GSM network. This device would provide a "pots" or "tip and ring" output. It would need to accept incoming DTMF tones from the receiving part and from the connected dialing device. It will also need to provide line voltage or simulation. Ideally it would have an antenna port for an external antenna.
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Pcb Design For Analog Low Noise Circuit
PCB needs to be designed for a multi-channel data acquisition system which needs to have very low noise. Schematic consists of majorly 4 portions - power supply, signal conditioning, ADC, and microcontroller. We would prefer to hire a person who can give us suggestions on improvements possible in the Schematic Design.
Full Description of PCB Design for Analog low noise circuit
Embedded Software For Metal Detectors -- 3
Required a embedded software developer for a walk through metal detector as per our requirements as discussed in due course after communication with some freelance software developer. We are manufacturers of all types of metal detectors like Hand Held Metal Detectors Portable Walk through metal detector Door Frame metal detectors Underground deep Search Metal Detectors etc Some products require embedded software and circuit changes to upgrade the products according to the advance requirements of the customers like increase in sensitivity…
Full Description of Embedded Software For Metal Detectors -- 3
Rf Engineer-architect Needed For A Medical Device
We are looking for an experienced RF Engineer that can also help build the boards and run RF Simulation using Ansys for the device TegoSens is working on to monitor existing heart failure for patients. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of and know that the device you are working will be used to save lives and provide early warnings to patients. Contract: 2 months Compensation: $55-65/hr We will work around your existing school/work schedule. You need…
Full Description of RF Engineer-Architect Needed for a Medical Device
Space Cockpit Simulator Panel
Hello. Looking to build a panel that can be interactive for my son. I need a panel the size of a typical computer screen, that can be interactive with backlit buttons and toggles and switches and rheostats… need logic added to the board, to have sequences and cause and effect. Not sure how much to charge. Bring your ideas and your price. Also, bring an explanation of the sequences and cause and effect details. Maybe there is something out there…
Full Description of Space cockpit simulator panel
Power Supply Circuit Design For Computer
I want to make a power supply for desktop computers powered by a toroidal 50/60Hz transformer. smps transformer driven at high frequencies will not be used. A toroidal transformer operating at 1000VA output power with 96% efficiency will be used. After the 220V input part, there is a fuse, varistor, NTC resistor protective circuit stage. There will be an EMI filter on the next floor. Then it will be connected to the primary winding of the toroidal transformer. number of…
Full Description of Power supply circuit design for computer
Need Help In Identifying And Specking Out Lora Radios And Modems That Will Complement My Existing I/o Boards
Need help in identifying and specking out LoRa radios and modems that will complement my existing I/O Board. My existing equipment runs on the Modbus protocol and I have robust manuals describing their performance features in detail. There will be future projects available if this project is completed successfully.
Full Description of Need help in identifying and specking out LoRa…
Solar Bldc Pump Controller Design
we need Solar BLDC Pump controller Designer with RS485 Integration. compatible with GSM Module. We can track the parameters of solar pump. only Experience and Expertise contact us. Basically we need freelancer Based from China.
Full Description of Solar BLDC Pump controller Design
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