Bluetooth Module

Build A Proof Of Concept For Screensharing App Ios (bluetooth And Wifi Based Technology)
Hello. Your task is to build a simple demo that enables a user to share his/her screen with another user without using the internet. The technology to be used here is Bluetooth and Wifi ... Similar to the technology behind airdrop. It should allow one user to broadcast his/her screen to a local audience. NB: No sound is required for the initial demo
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Bluetooth Device
i need a engineer for making PCB design for Bluetooth device also expert for components whatever required for our device. 1. device will connect to android and iOS devices 2. chargeable battery and charging socket 3. on off button 4. 1 button for send command to device
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Long Range Gps Tracker With Alert System
A hardware GPS tracker with following feature is required - 1. Covers a range of approx. 70KMs. 2. Size should not be more than 3inch*2 inch 3. lighter weight is required 4. Capable of recharging with a battery life of at least 30hrs after a full charge. 5. it will be better if it doesn't require a sim card/wifi connectivity (it just track through satellites). 6. cost of production per piece should be less than 1500 INR. 7. Can send…
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Reading Data From A Device Via Bluetooth
I have a device, that measures some data when it's on head, it transmits that data to a specific app via bluetooth (3.0 - not BLE as far as I know).. I want to make an app of my own, that uses the same device to gather the data and for now just show it on the screen.. I'm a programmer myself but never worked with bluetooth before, so I'm looking for someone who's experienced with Bluetooth technology and reading…
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Frequency Zapper
Frequency generator for different frequencies and send by Bluetooth to my hard ware Must work in Android and iPhone
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Embedded Gas Sensor Mq-02 Bluetooth Hc-05 Android Application
The project is about a mq-02/04 sensor that should send the analog input to an android studio. I want the application to send a notification via bluetooth to android when the values of treshold is exceeded.
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I Want Bluetooth & Gsm Sim800 Connection With My Biochemistry Analyzer
I have a semi automatic analyzer. now I want to share my analyzer test data with client via Bluetooth and GSM Sim800 module. So, I want a freelancer that will help to make Bluetooth & Sim800 module that will connect my analyzer via Bluetooth as well as share patient report via Sim Module in E-mail or SMS Format. Some Functionality required like: Test Count per day, Tracking on cloud or SMS or Mail Data sharing via Bluetooth Master control via…
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Prototype - Smart Mirror With Raspberrypi.
I need to have a prototype developed - A smart mirror with Raspberry pi for a scooter. Please look at the attached image and connect with me to know more in-depth requirements
Full Description of Prototype - Smart mirror with raspberryPi.
Wireless Esc Remote
Need to develop a remote to control ESC with PWM or analog signal (0.8v to 3.3). The signal transfer has to be done in water so we need Bluetooth protocol. Please check the attached file for more details.
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Bluetooth Avrcp Implementation In Esp32_devkitc_v4 Board.
The project will be to implement the full AVRCP profile using two ESP32_DevkitC_v4 boards, one as the target and one as the controller. The commands are generated through an I2C interface to the ESP32_DevkitC_v4 controller and sent to the Target ESP32_DevkitC_v4 board, which then sends it through the TX/RX and GPIO pins. Document is attached.
Full Description of Bluetooth AVRCP Implementation in ESP32_DevkitC_V4 board.
Bluetooth Connection -nrf52833
Connection between arduino and NRF52833 for bluetooth transmissions using a RAYTAC module called MDBT50 – 512K
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Chess Station Portable -- 2
Hi I need to work with someone who has knowledge of Raspberry Pi hardware. I am building a human vs human chess station, where 2 Raspberry Pi w 0 are used. Each Pi will have a 3.5 inch lcd touch panel for inputting the moves with a stylus. Now the 2 Pis have to send and receive moves to eachother and this will be done over bluetooth. We will be using Qt creator for the gui. Thanks
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Develop Air Suspension Control Application Via Bluetooth Hc-05
I would like to hire a professional developer/team that can develop a suspension control application Below are the summarized initial requirements: Central buttons - responsible for activating the rear or front wheel Side buttons - responsible for activating the individual wheel Pulse button - when on the suspension goes up and down pulsing Estimated completion schedule Thanks
Full Description of Develop Air Suspension Control Application via bluetooth hc-05
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