Bill of Materials (BOM) Optimization

I Need An Excel Specialist To Create A Multi Level Bom For My Manufacturing Business
We are a small RV manufacturer looking for someone to create a bill of materials for our products. We manufacture a couple of models with numerous configurations, and optional equipment. We need a BOM spreadsheet that will allow us to see inventory data, product variations, product cost, and MSRP.
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Optimisation Math Modelling
I have a small set of data I'd like help optimising please, it's mainly about finding the optimal quantities of goods to produce with a set amount of resources. This is a small project with potential for more work if this simple one goes well. Thanks!
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Fusion 360 Organization & Tolerances Engineer -- 2
We are looking for an experienced Fusion 360 Engineer to help organize project files, run FEA on parts, create shop drawings for the design of a 20’ x 80’ unfolding solar array. We have estimated about 100 hours to complete this work effort and will review the scope of work with you in detail under NDA. Follow-on work is expected upon completion and good performance. Be able to get up to speed in Fusion 360 quickly and have experience with…
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Themplite#1 -- 3
I need a cad drawing with step format. I need a personal torch lighter to be able to be set at a certain temperature and the lighter must be able to fluctuate the heat keeping the smoking apperatus (pipe) at the set temperature. So the pipe doesn't get over heated. I need the bom list and list of parts ready to be manufactured for a prototype.
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Controls Technician, Panel Designer, And Plc/hmi Programmer
ACT builds machinery that relay on in-house wired control panels, and in-house programmed Allen-Bradley and IFM PLC's. we recently lost our man we have several machines to complete. It would be best to locate a person in the San Antonio area to come on-site for system familiarization and program troubleshooting.
Brick Quantity, Bill And Of Materials
Looking for a brick quantity estimation, bill of materials from plan provided. Double brickwork. Bricks are 162mm high x 90mm wide x 286mm long. Also using 86mm x 90 x 290mm longreach bricks for above window lintels, top course and windows sills
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Electrical Assembly Bill Of Material Builder
Seeking candidate with experience in electrical engineering to specify items for a bill of materials based on specs given in detailed electrical drawings. Candidate would provide a list of manufacturers and part numbers for each item to allow purchasing to price quote the BOM provided. This is a very time sensitive project. Pay scale is negotiable.
Grand Opera Dubai
This project with 75 floor. I take off all kinds of materials for Facade Curtain Wall, Balustrade and all Canopy with Decorative Features, Mashrabiya and Coping.
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Need Electrical Engineer To Find Parts
We are working on a project that has 18 drill machines and 11 Actuators. The power source would be AC and drills are AC. Actuators are DC 24V, 15A thus requiring a converter. We are looking for someone who can select all the components and share link to purchase. The list should contain all the parts required including Emergency shutoff, MCB, On & off switches, wire guage etc.
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Themplite#1 -- 4
I need someone to finish my template project it needs just basically the PCB programmed and for someone to go through it with the fine-tooth comb and correct any mistakes or discrepancies
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Bom/manufacturing Tool Chest Development
We are looking for an experienced hardware engineer who is equally skilled in software writing. Or - we are looking for an experienced software engineer who has experience in board design and knows electronics components. Our goal is to develop, in a 'step-by-step' fashion, BOM analytic and stock matching tools which allow us to match production needs with existing stock, automatically suggest suitable alternative parts, and also use the octoparts API to get availability and pricing information online so a…
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