Answer Of Two Questions Mainly. Relating Gender And Culture
I have been trying to answer two questions: 1. How does language construct gender identity? 2. What’s the connection between power and definitions of good and bad bodies? I need answers of 400 questions each Answers should • Use and cite 2-3 readings and put definitions in your own words. • Use full and correct citation of the readings. This includes fully referencing direct quotes and acknowledging your source when paraphrasing. • Paraphrase arguments in your own words rather than…
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Yemen Civil War
The civil war in Yemen: A cycle of violence has griped this country for several years now. It has affected the civilian population and various ethnic groups in the region. What is the current prospect for the civilians caught between armed rebel groups (Houthi and others) and regional state military and para-militaristic troops, including SA (Saudi Arabia) that are in this conflict zone. What humanitarian efforts can be deployed to fight repeated cholera epidemics? What will happen to the capital…
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Sociólogo Español Para Terminar Un Tfg
Tengo un trabajo de fin de grado a medias, ya tengo completas unas 5.400 de 7.500 que me gustaría hacer en total. Es decir, me gustaría que lo acabasen y que revisaran lo ya escrito para que no hubiera falta de concordancia y revisar que todo esté bien. Lo ya escrito sé que está bien y no ha sido plagiado, lo que tiene que tener concordancia con el resto. He empezado a trabajar y no tengo tiempo para acabarlo.
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Identifying Career Trends In Your Industry
Scenario Imagine that you work for a company directly related to your major. Your company is preparing for expansion and your boss, Ms. Smith, has been asked to design an orientation program for new employees. As part of this process, Ms. Smith has asked you to do some research into the trends in your organization’s industry that new employees will need to know about and understand.  She has asked you to write a detailed email that identifies the three top…
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Poster About Divorce In Saudi Arabia
Create/prepare a poster about divorce in Saudi Arabia , half of the content (500 word) of the poster will be from my Essay ( i have my essay already) and 500 words will be from outside ( from internet) using media sources and scholarly sources. I will explain the guidelines and everything later
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Issue Analysis (oral Essay)
: To analyze an issue/ movie/ book/ person through a psychological, sociological or anthropological lens/perspective The final product should include different media forms, in order to keep the audience engaged and bring a comprehensive understanding to the topic. (examples include images, statistics, short videos, quotations, and excerpts from an article) argument/ big takeaway is clear Extension of knowledge / outside research Clear breakdown of the topic and application of lens is effective Embedded media or different forms of media -…
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5 -paragraph Essay
In a 5 paragraph essay explain why one theorist (or theory) , sociologist or activist we examined in this unit matter/ed? Remember this is a social science essay which means that you need to present an argument- do not just summarize/ describe the theory/ accomplishments. Examine the relevance of the topic- make connections and show critical thinking. You may create your own thesis statement or you may use this question Why do they (insert topic) matter?
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Language And Communication
Drawing on the module readings, briefly describe the field of anthropological linguistics and its' contributions to understanding the foundations of human language (historical linguistics) as well as its features' (descriptive linguistics). What are some prevailing theories for the origin of language? What can work with primates tell us about language acquisition?
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Marriage & Kinship
Choose 2 cultures and compare/contrast how each recognizes kinship and descent (do not use the US). Which system is used? How has their environment influenced the system used? Address age/gender roles, parent/child relationships, and the role of elders. What else can anthropologists learn from studying kinship and descent within groups?
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Anthology 100
I need a tutor for anthology 100 with Anthology background field
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Beliefs, Values, And Art Forms
Hi! I'm looking for someone who has a bit of experience in the anthropology field and is able to give descriptions and detailed observations. If you can help, thank you! Also, this is somewhat what I'm looking for: Research a religion/spiritual path to explore and research a place where people worship/practice this belief (i.e., church, temple, mountaintop, etc.). Title your research with the name of the location you observed. Provide a brief history of the belief system, and a description…
Full Description of Beliefs, Values, and Art Forms
Aterialistic And Non-materiallistc Cultures
Currently, I am looking to add to an ongoing topic I've been working on. I'm looking for someone who can create an introductory paragraph, outlines (map of work in sections), Then a closing paragraph. I will assist anyone who has additional questions. The work provided so far will be in my attachment. Gives you an idea of what my topic is about.
Full Description of aterialistic And Non-Materiallistc Cultures
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