Antenna Design

Circuit Designe -- 2
cercuit designe and antenna designe. the designer must know the frequency supported by antenna.
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Matlab Exert
To develop a MATLAB simulation of the Friss free space propagation model, you will need to consider the following: The Friss free space propagation equation is given as Where: Gt and Gr are transmitter and receiver antenna gain respectively (note: these values are dimensionless e.g. a gain of 3dBi would equate to a value of 2).
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920mhz To 930mhz Fexible Antenna Array
Helo! Is everything okay with you? Please are you able to develop an antenna or array of antennas for the 920 to 930mhz range with an excellent gain using Flexible Polyamide or Semi-Flexible FR4? See the antenna concept drawing and the location where this antenna will be placed. Is attached. The place is a product of my client, entirely in steel. I already did a test with an array of spiral antennas improvised with coxial cable and got 4km of…
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Design Of Dual Band Microstrip Antenna Using Taguchi's Method
Looking for someone to design and simulate a dual band microstrip antenna using Taguchi's method for optimisation. Needs to integrate CST and MATLAB software.
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Antenna Reassessment
If a correctly terminated line has a characteristic impedance of 50 ohms and a measured velocity of propagation of 2.2 x 108 m/s with an attenuation of 6dB/km. If a fault develops, and the reflected pulses are returned non-inverted after 10us with a magnitude 0.025 of that of the transmitted pulse. Calculate the resistance and position of the fault
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