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Expert With Experience Applying Ai Solutions To Business
I am looking for an expert with experience in applying AI solutions to the business. Specifically, I am looking to implement AI-enhanced business processes > 30 minute call to discuss business areas and bottlenecks/process > Deliver 5 mini projects where Ai can be used to solve these problems. Please show clear evidence of real world experience and projects.
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Integromat Agency Automation
We are a reputable marketing and management agency specializing in handling 0nlyFans models. We are in pursuit of a seasoned Workflow Automation Specialist to enhance our operational efficiency by automating various processes using platforms like Integromat or Make, and centralizing communications via Discord. The ideal candidate will develop and implement automated workflows to streamline model and chatter onboarding, content management, social media posting, and team communication. Responsibilities: Automate Model Onboarding: Design and implement an automated workflow from form submission on…
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Ai Interior Design
10 AI visualization variants for the 1 kitchen and 10 AI visualization variants for the 1 living room are required. The task will be given very specific, because it is determined by the layout of the room, window, door, etc. There are no small, mandatory elements. There are several photos, there are samples, it is clear what should be visible. It is necessary to obtain conceptually similar images for each room, but with visual nuances, so that the Client can…
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Ai Visualizations For Interior Design
Need 2 interior design views with AI - kitchen area and living room area. The task for kitchen will be given very specific, because it is determined by the layout of the room, window, door, etc. Living room just need a big windows, fire place and furniture in minimalistic style. There are no small, mandatory elements. There are photos of the kitchen area, there are samples, it is clear what should be visible. I'm still learning AI and I'm not…
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Ai Persona For Tv Interview
I am looking for a skilled AI developer to create an AI persona for a TV interview. The purpose of the AI persona is to engage in conversation with the interviewer, all questions (5) and answers are known beforehand. The desired personality of the AI persona should be neutral and informative, providing answers naturally. Ideally, the AI should be able to join a video call. The AI persona should have a high level of interactivity, being able to respond to…
Consultancy Services For Implementing Iso 42001 Ai Management System
Seeking a consultant to provide consultancy services for the implementation of an ISO 42001 AI Management System. Implementation Team: - Client has a dedicated team for implementation Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated expertise in ISO 42001 or AI Management implementation - Knowledge of AI Management Systems - Strong project management skills - Excellent communication and collaboration abilities - Proven track record of successful implementation of consultancy projects Scope of Work: - Assess current compliance level and identify gaps - Develop…
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