Wireless Channel List App
An app to list a nearby and neighbors WiFi and wireless Channel list with columns SSID , Channel, Frequency, which 802.11 protocol , whether is Bluetooth , whether is internet of things.
Full Description of Wireless Channel list app
Searching Someone For Network Segmentation [near Frankfurt]
We are searching for a network administrator, who has experience in network segmentation and can help us out. We are planning to do a network segmentation from 27. December to 30. December. The tasks are: Working out a plan for the network segmentation, configure the firewall, configure the switches and configure some clients. We are also planning to integrate 802.1x. Wir suchen einen Netzwerkadministrator, der Erfahrung in der Netzwerksegmentierung hat und uns helfen kann. Wir planen eine Netzwerksegmentierung vom 27.…
Full Description of Searching someone for network segmentation [near Frankfurt]
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