Kotobee Epub Document Needs Finishing
We have an epub document of 60,000 words plus images and embedded videos (currently 90 Mb) that needs tidying up so it works on all platforms etc. I am looking for an experienced Kotobee Author user (with work examples) to work with us on this project.
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Fixed 10dollar Data Entry
fixed 10dollar Task1 (deadline 1day) only contends with text and numbers, and chart bar in image need. in that link https://onvata.com/2021/02/01/the-spreadsheet-of-warren-buffet/ https://onvata.com/2021/02/01/the-spreadsheet-of-warren-buffet/ only contends with text and numbers in image need. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, task 2 (dealine within 1 months cuz after task1 end have to do) the below writings(text and img) copy and paste into epub(electronic book)like wordpress or pdf Use the program below to convert an epub file to a pdf file and an AMZ file at once (you can…
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Create Latex Version Of Word Documents With Full-page Tables
We have thirty Word documents of Bible text that is divided into Books, Chapters, Sections and Verses. We use separate Word docx files because Word struggles with very long documents. Each docx file uses Word tables with header rows to identify the Book/Chapter/Section and columns to separate the Verse number from the Verse text. Text is formatted using Styles which should be mappable to LaTeX book class structures (\part, \chapter, \section, etc). We want to create a LaTeX versions of…
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Fix An Epub 3.0 Error
Hello. I have an EPUB file which keeps giving me an error about an empty element on the table of contents. I need someone to fix this for me. Attached a preview of the error I am getting. I know this is not a big task, it's just that I do not have a software to open the source code of the epub. This is urgent.
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Epub Test Chapter For Word Conversion
Per discussion convert one Word document to ePub for evaluation purposes
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Ebook Formatting - E-pub To Mobi - Embed Fonts For Amazon
I have an Epub file that was converted from an Indesign file. I'm trying to get it onto Amazon. I am able to upload it to my account, but for some reason I'm not able to see the embedded fonts. I need someone who knows CSS and Ebook formatting for Kindle. See Here - https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/GH4DRT75GWWAGBTU#body_text_defaults What you need to do is take my Epub file and fix the CSS so that when I upload it Kindle it embeds my fonts…
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Convert A Publisher File To An Editable Indesign File
Hello i am looking for epub file into editable indesign file .. its about 58 pages and need to be done in soon fix price thanks
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Diseño Editorial De Libro Para Publicar En Amazon (maqueta Impresa, Epub Y Portada)
Buscamos a un diseñador(a) con experiencia en creación de portadas y diseño editorial (creación de maquetas impresas, así como ebook en formato .ePub). Indispensable que tenga definidos los pasos a seguir para publicar un libro en Amazon. Requerimos que en su propuesta nos envíe detallados los pasos que se seguirán desde la entrevista con el autor, hasta la publicación en Amazon. Es muy importante la formalidad al momento de aplicar para este proyecto.
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Projet déjà en construction, je recherche un développeur doué pour compléter.
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Turn Image-heavy Pdf Into Epub For Kobo And Barnes And Noble (nook)
I need to work with someone who is highly experienced in turning a PDF into an ePub for KOBO and Barnes and Noble (Nook). I do not need the book to be reflowable, however, it needs to appear EXACTLY as the PDF appears (fonts, design etc). It is important you have worked with this type of project before and know exactly what is needed.
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Epub Trainer
I am looking for a trainer who can train us to create epub from Adobe InDesign. These InDesign file is available in Hindi and English both. epub will reflowable and will be work on android app, google books, kindle etc.... We are providing the study material of different competitive exam in digital format to student free of cost. Check the sample file of InDesign which need to be convert in epub. In this sample one file is Hindi and other…
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Correction Ebub
Correction de liens à l'intérieur d'un fichier epub. Le fichier epub a de nombreux liens brisés (1 127) au sein de la navigation entre autre et de la table des matières.
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Format E-book For Smashwords
Hi. How are you?. I am currently needing to format a Word File preparing it for Smashwords. I really need a Smashwords Specialist for this. Why?. Because of: 1) I need that The Word File, when uploaded, would show a PDF Exactly like The One Attached. 2) I do not know what you will do about the merge of 'Normal Lettering' and 'Italics Lettering'. They are Mixed All Over The Manuscript (And I Read that 'One Should Erase All Format…
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