Portfolio Management

ολοκληρωση ιστοσελιδας
Καλησπέρα σας Πρόκειται για μια ιστοσελίδα η οποία θα περιέχει προπονητικό υλικο σε μορφή βίντεο σχετικά με το άθλημα του χαντμπολ. Τα βίντεο είναι ήδη ανεβασμένα στο κανάλι μου στο youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/kwstisb) από όπου θα υπάρχει σχετικό link για να μεταφέρεται κάποιος εκεί και να τα παρακολουθεί. Επίσης θα υπάρχει ένα δεύτερο section το οποίο θα ειναι ένα eshop απ όπου οποιος θέλει θα μπορεί να κάνει download επί πληρωμή ebooks σχετικών με το άθλημα του χάντμπολ επίσης ( υπάρχει…
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Day Trader (stocks)
Looking for a day trader to trade stocks for me and grow my account. Experience and a proven track record is required.
Full Description of Day Trader (stocks)
Portfolio Building / Customize A Portfolio
I'm looking to have a portfolio built put together, one which is professional looking to present upon an Job interview ( necessary job history can be provided)
Full Description of Portfolio building / customize a portfolio
Daytrader Needed (stocks)
Daytrader needed that knows how to use Think or Swim (TD Ameritrade). You will make trades and manage our company's portfolio. Proof of success is required.
Full Description of Daytrader Needed (stocks)
3d Portfolio
I want someone to create a good portfolio for my designs. - I want a Clean Design where information about myself is clearly displayed, -I want images to be displayed in a sensible maner possibly with complementing aditions on your part(objects that make sense in adition to the pictures). -I want a cool way to display simple information about myself and my three designs
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Portfolio For Team Albatross
Team Albatross is one of the official Aeromodelling team from M S Ramaiah institute of technology, Bengaluru. we design, analyze and fabricate our own planes capable of autonomous missions. we started as a team in 2018 and participated in various national level competitions. we are participating in the SAE international aero design advanced class 2022, which will be held in USA, Texas. The team is technically prepared to achieve the mission profile for 2022. The total budget including registration fee…
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Algorithmic Trading, Trading Of Securities Education For Singapore-based Top Education Company
NTUC LearningHub is one of the largest training provider in Singapore. We're looking for professionals, preferably based in Singapore with past experience and deep expertise in professional trading of securities especially algorithimic trading, to develop and deliver training related to the subject paid in a per hourly basis. All applicants must have prior experience trading at a professional capacity. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed for suitability.
Full Description of Algorithmic trading, Trading of Securities Education for Singapore-based…
I Need An Designer For My Architect Portfolio , Cv
I need an designer for my architecture portfolio and cv to be done for me . this is for my carrer .i can give you the details and work as per biding i can decide.
Full Description of I need an designer for my architect portfolio…
Investment Portfolio Project
Need an expert urgently who has theoretical understanding and tools crucial in portfolio management activities.
Full Description of Investment Portfolio Project
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