Expatriate Tax

Help With Taxes
I am looking for someone who could help me to declare the 'la taxe sur les opérations de bourse' I have some operations with Revolut and other online platforms that should be declared in Belgium, and I am not sure exactly how to do that.
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Expat Taxes Streamliner And Stimulus
Looking for tax agent to do my expat taxes and apply for stimulus. I live in Australia.
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I Need A Tax Preparer For My Freelance Taxes
I am looking for a tax preparation expert who can help me prepare my freelance quarterly taxes. This is my first experience as a Freelancer. I work with 2 clients based in Germany, while I currently live in Spain and am preparing taxes as an American Resident. My clients pay me directly to my bank account in Spain and no taxes are deducted then. I usually use TurboTax on an annual basis, but need some guidance for September’s quarterly freelancer…
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Personal + Llc
Hello! I am looking for someone to help me with personal taxes and also for taxes with an LLC, of which I am a single member and 100% shareholder. I live in China and operate a business here and I have just set up an LLC in Wyoming. The main purpose of the LLC is to pay US-side expenses and also pay an international team of remote workers. We have about 6-10 people working for us from around the world…
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Capital Gains And Gift From Parent Cat
hello, a)i need to sort stock tax for four years (stocks received from work and sold sporadically) b)i need to sort capital gains tax from crypto trades year 2021. reported via csv file or koinly website c)received monetary gift from my parents in 2021 i am german living in ireland since 2016
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Us Tax Returns For Us Expat
I am looking for an experienced US-based tax advisor to help me file my taxes. I am a US citizen living in the Netherlands (NL) so I need help with the different IRS forms for expats, including the different IRS forms showing health insurance, state pension and taxes are paid in NL. Please send me your estimate for a single person filing and any questions you might have. I am looking for a long-term tax preparer for me and other…
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I Need Help Filing My 2021 Llc Taxes To Us - I'm European, Living In Mexico
I have an LLC company in the US, which I use to do freelance work to the United States. I'm not a US citizen, I'm European. I need help with filing my 2021 taxes (I did very little work last year), someone who can tell me how the process goes, what documents are needed etc (I think I have most, if not all of them, since I hired a company in 2020) so I can hopefully understand the entire process.
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Expat Tax Specialist
Hello! We recently moved to Guatemala (my husband & I both working remotely from companies in the states) and would love some advice on taxes.
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I Am Looking For An Experience And Collaborative Cfp - Certified Financial Planner
I want to hire an hourly CFP to walk through my retirement planning, tax strategies, investment planning and insurance planning on an hourly basis. The first several sessions would be to review and evaluate my personal financial statement, current strategy, status, allocations and determine any redistribution required, looking through my Personal Capital Account together. Moving forward, widening our look at tax/estate planning and also determining retirement strategies and actions on a quarterly basis. Prefer someone with an established client list,…
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Expat Accounting Service
I’m a US citizen living in Thailand and have a Wyoming LLC. The business sells online services in Denmark. I need help with my federal taxes
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I Need An A Accountant
US citizen living in Poland with a Polish sole-proprietorship, pass-through entity started in Oct 2021 with no sales or income. The entity has a brokerage account and EASILY passes "Trader Tax Status" due to excessive trading volume. I simply am looking for the filing of a 1040 + Schedule C since the Polish entity can be treated as a disregarded entity.
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Tax Service Usa For Completed Form 6166 For Llc Company
Hello, I need a Tax Service USA for completed form 6166 for LLC company https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/form-6166-certification-of-us-tax-residency Please contact me only is you can request this certificated from US office.
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Looking For A Us Tax Pro (advisor) Specialized In International Taxation For Freelancers Living Abroad (expats) To File My Taxes With The Irs
Hi everyone, I am a U.S. Citizen living in Italy and working for a U.S. company as a freelancer/independent contractor. I have always filed my taxes by myself every year, but this year I am looking for a US Tax Pro, specialized in International Taxation that can, not only file my taxes for me (since I can do it by myself), but also provide me with their expertise in order to be able to optimize my filing, save money and…
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France And Us Tax Preparation
Hello, I would love some help with my taxes. I am an American citizen married to a French woman and live fairly nomadically between Spain, Turkey, France, and the United States. I am a consultant for a company in Lebanon and have a small business in America. I'm not very well to do, I spend most of my income on my businesses although I would really appreciate help preparing and filing all my taxes as an individual for France(if needed…
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