EBS Finance

Looking For A Financial Expert,
Looking for a financial expert, who can go through the course content and give suggestions on improvisation or improvise by adding few points
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Aws Billing Consultant
We are in a process of building a dashboard for AWS detailed billing. We required assistance on integrating AWS CUR Report (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cur/latest/userguide/what-is-cur.html) into our application and kindly contact us who are good in CUR report field mapping and experience in building Bills from the AWS CUR report
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Mortgage Broker
mortgage broker Contact via WhatsApp Find a loan solution within a month Kind of like a virtual assistant Not introduce the product to me but to help me apply Provide advice on the materials I need to apply International or UK loans 5% commission after closing Cost: $100
Full Description of mortgage broker
Need A Financial Advisor For Blockchain Project Start Overview.
I need an very experienced CPA who has a deep understanding about pulsechain in blockchain industry. Project has been started with American company, but due to lack of knowledge, we would like to invite expert level of CPA who has good understanding in blockchain area, will be the great plus if have some experience with pulsechain concept. Prefer to work with Native English speaker. It will be short term, small project at this time, but could be expand to big…
Full Description of Need a financial advisor for blockchain project start…
Visualization Of Efficient Frontier (portfolio Selection) In Excel Or Another App.
Dear Freelancers, I have some time series of investment assets with quarterly prices. Please adjust an excel sheet or give me access to another solution where I can. Insert my own time series (about 100 cells, quarterly price data) for a portfolio of 4 shares. The sheet should show the efficient portfolio. I want to insert then another asset (so 5 shares) and then show the difference of the efficient frontier and/or portfolio. Please indicate your solution. You can also…
Full Description of Visualization of efficient frontier (portfolio selection) in Excel…
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