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Contracts For Employees And/or Consultants In Pakistan
We are hiring many Web Developers from Pakistan and we need the same contracts that protect our company in Canada, to be considered just as strong at protecting us within Pakistan. Non-disclosures, termination fees, and much more. The opportunity should be considered long term as we can also benefit with different legal or business tasks in the future considering how fast we are looking to grow our Pakistan team. Other legal projects will surely arise. We need full protection, no…
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Opposition Argument For Motion: Closing Of Discrimination Case
We are the plaintiff, and we have a motion against us to dismiss our civil law sue. They are accusing us of duplicate counterclaim which is not true. This is a discrimination and fraud case. We need some law codes to defend us regarding bankruptcy in the US. We are citizens and it is a privilege in the US when in hardship. We are opposing and disputing this argument to close our discrimination case. This is causing us to lose…
Full Description of Opposition argument for motion: Closing of discrimination case
Need Property Lawyer
I have booked an appartment with COSMOS builder under project Ashok Appartment ,Bhiwadi .Scedule possesion date was around 2019 .However still have not received the possesion.Now RERA date have also crossed.
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Money Claims
We have several money claims against our products and need a person on staff to answer and respond and determine the best course of action. below is a sample of a customer who had a spa used it and we believe now just wants her money back because they are not locked down we have agreed to repair or fix whatever th issue is but they have refused. getting a paddling pool back is just an item we would have…
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Need Someone Good Expert In Advanced Corporate Tax
Need someone good expert in advanced corporate tax Canadian tax rule expert Advance Audit Advance Managerial Accounting Advance Canadian Corporate Tax
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Suche Wirtschaftsanwalt Zur Beratung
deutscher Mutter-Konzern bestellt einen Fixblock aus einem Gesamtangebot schriftlich per Mail "vorab" um engen Zeitplan zu halten Standort aus China bestellt den "großen Rest" mit PDF und Unterschrift Mutter-Konzern "storniert" den Gesamtauftrag per PDF und Unterschrift eines Prokuristen Angebot über Abfindung gemacht Wie verfahren wenn das nicht angenommen wird? Juristische Vertretung im Falle der Klage durch mich
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Improve An Article On Medical Negligence
Hi. I am looking for someone who has some experience in dealing with medical negligence issues. I want to improve on a medical negligence letter. The article is 3000 words.
Full Description of Improve an article on medical negligence
Need A Legal Opinion From A Licensed Layer In China
I am looking for one Chinese licensed lawer to can provide with a legal opinion for a Cypriot regulated company who want to provide its services in China market
Full Description of need a legal opinion from a licensed layer…
Write Up T&c's
We are currently setting up a new business that helps with car insurance. We are want to write up T&C's and specify that we are not advisors/brokers. We would like this written up legally/on our website.
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Business Consultant/lawyers
Looking for facilitator/Lawyers able to raise legal funds/grants/Loans with investors to finance our business.
Full Description of Business Consultant/Lawyers
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