Core Consulting Skills

Complete Typing
If you interested in our job please contact me immediately ok, we are looking for someone who is good in complete typeing also good in stores writing, we also looking for someone who can edit videos..
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Preciso Desenvolver Uma Skill, Para O Modelo Echo Show 10
Características do projeto: Cruzar a base de dados dos meus clientes, com a inteligência da Alexa, para que consiga interagir com o meu cliente em loja. Ex.: Cliente pergunta: como posso pagar os meus boletos? Alexa responde: Olá! Você pode pagar em qualquer instituição bancária, ou se preferir, pode baixar o nosso app. Dentre essas informações, procuro que ela seja desenvolvida para que conheça o máximo do nosso sistema.
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Online Salesman
I am looking for a guy who could sell a course, are you interested?if interested then let me know then we could share the price dealings
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Salesman Online
I am looking for a guy who could sell a course, are you interested?if interested then let me know then we could share the price dealings
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Course Development For Analytical And Digital Related Courses.
Developing a Professional practical course based on current industry experience. The course developer must have at least 5 years experience in more than one organization or across multiple projects. Course must be related to industrial reality and not academic. The course should include templates, delivery samples and a sample of a professional CV or resume. Course Development might include the creation of sub courses that contribute to the professional knowledge and skills as well as training on the use of…
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Salesforce Sales Operations Consultant Needed
Context: - Consult with the best way to build our salesforce tool from the bottom up - Help implement Salesforce from an operations standpoint - Work with us to figure out the best way to use Salesforce for our organization - Help enforce usage of Salesforce - Contracts moving through - Salesforce reporting and dashboards - Etc...
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Root Cause Analysis Presentation (including Data Analysis) -- 2
This project involves two parts: Task 1 - Prepare 5 slide presentation based on analysis of data provided in csv format. It is data showing rejections of online applications and need to determine why the decline rate is increasing over time and how to fix this. The task is to provide a presentation on root causes and solutions for this problem based on the data given - 5 slide presentation required Task 2: provide explanation on how you completed Task…
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Treecycle Spa
Treecycle SPA o ciclo el árbol. Nos dedicamos al estudio vinculado a la caracterización y gestión de residuos para facilitar el reúso y la valorización de estos, aportando a la salud de las personas, al valor de la industria y a la protección del medio ambiente, esto por medio de estrategias de economía circular y simbiosis industrial. Una nueva forma de enfrentar la economía para las personas, las empresas y el planeta. La economía circular es un desafío para hacernos…
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