Need California Attorney To Answer A Complaint
Our company has been named in a TCPA complaint and we need it to be answered in California. There is another company also named and their house counsel is mainly handling the case. We just need to submit an answer denying all allegations.
Full Description of Need California Attorney to Answer a Complaint
Looking For A Ri Lawyer
A foreign judgment was entered against me in RI base on a fraudulent judgment issued in Massachusetts. All the work is done. I just need someone to attend the hearing since I no longer live in the area. If, like most attorneys, you are afraid of fraud and corruption in the system, which is so prevalent these days, the case is not for you. On the other hand, if you stand for justice and want to do what's right, now…
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Getting Apostille From Serbia
I want you to get an apostille for a birth certificate from Serbian Court.
Full Description of Getting apostille from Serbia
Demand Letter Tenant
I need a demand letter to recover my security deposit in full from my previous landlord.
Full Description of Demand Letter Tenant
Attorney/lawyer- Research And Litigation Drafting/support -- 2
We are hiring an attorney with the ability to support requirements for litigation to include legal research, litigation drafting and other support. To apply, please submit your resume, transcripts and two writing samples (preferably, briefs). Thank you.
Full Description of Attorney/Lawyer- Research and Litigation Drafting/Support -- 2
Real Estate Contract English To Spanish Translation
I’m looking for someone to translate and simplify my real estate contract from English to Spanish/Puerto Rico, if you’re interested send me a message
Full Description of Real Estate contract English to Spanish translation
Attorney In Massachusetts
attorney in massachusetts for civil 93a matter where defendant entered into a purchase and sale agreement for a building but had conspired with his escrow attorney and realtor to not close on the agreed upon date for the agreed upon amount. discovery has produced emails memorializing the conspiracy. attorney sought to handle the case moving forward or at least help plaintiff with navigating the case under court authorized limited representation
Full Description of attorney in massachusetts
Georgia Family Law Attorney
Family law firm seeking a Georgia-licensed family law attorney. Specifically, we are searching for qualified, experienced and dedicated freelance attorney with strong experience litigating family law matters in Atlanta-area courts. Types of work will include research, drafting, hearing & deposition coverage, and general assistance with managing files through litigation. Please submit cover letter and resume for consideration.
Full Description of Georgia Family Law Attorney
Draft An Agreement For Online Software
Hi there, We are entering into a contract with a client, and we need someone who can draft an agreement for our cloud-based software. Details such as service, agreed price etc. will be provided in PMB. Thank you. Sid
Full Description of Draft an agreement for online software
I Need A Paralegal Specialist In Eb2 Niw Visa
I need a parelegal to prepare a "Cover Letter" (10-15 pages) for an EB2 National Interest Waiver visa's applicant. Since this is a self-petition case, an attorney is not necessary for this case. In the attachment, there is a sample of the document I expect to receive.
Full Description of I need a paralegal specialist in EB2 NIW…
Need An Education Lawyer To Help Me Prove My Innocence ( Falsely Accused)
I am a university student who has been accused of two false academic dishonesty violations cases from the same professor. In the first case, the professor said that my solution, along with other students for a part of a question, is wrong in a unique way similar to Chegg. In the second case, the school investigator claimed that I had contacted someone to do the work on behave. I asked to meet him via zoom; I showed him how I…
Full Description of Need an Education Lawyer to help me prove…
Llp Registration
I need advocate USA who helps me in My company registration process in Oklahoma. it should be done remotely.
Full Description of LLP registration
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