Alumni Relations

Generación De Convenios Con Tiendas
Requiero de una persona que genere el proceso de convenios, tanto con tiendas de conveniencia o establecimientos, Proceso; Contactar Localizar Generar agenda para entrevista Concluir Informar Conveniar Solo personas con conocimientos de Relaciones laborales y que allas generado convenios, publicidad y patrocinio con empresas grandes o tiendas de conveniencia. Ojo: solo espaƱol y si fuese mexicanos mejor
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B-school Application Review
I would like evaluate my B-School application with any experienced professional or any Top B-School Alumni and request them for requisite edits in essay/ application
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Alumni Manger
The school is going to build out an alumni network. We need simone to help build this out and manage associated projects. Thomson
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Our product, The Pillow Lift is a motorized back support device that assists individuals with limited ability to adjust their position in bed. The electrically powered system operates with easy-to-use hand controls. The Pillow Lift has a range of angles of 10 to 85 degrees, giving the user the ability to change various positions when needed for comfortability or pain tolerance. The Pillow Lift is an affordable, lightweight, alternative to a traditional adjustable bed. Our customers are individuals who struggle…
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