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Write A 3000 Word Essay

Hello everyone, I am a PhD student looking for someone to write a properly structured essay on the topic "Discuss some of the significant ways that ‘the archive’ has changed as a result of digital technologies". This is in the area of qualitative research methods in economics. I am looking for a quick turnaround with this, and a quality essay complete with in text citations and a reference list. Please start your bid with "qualitative research methods", else it will…Full Description

Cardiac Research Suggestion

Requiring an outstanding NOVEL cardiac related research question Full Description

Thematic Analysis In Qualitative Research

Generate initial codes from interview transcriptsSearch for themesReview themes - Generate a thematic 'map'Define and name themesFull Description

Life Cycle Assessment On Lithium Battery

Conducting life cycle assessment of a lithium battery for portable charger usage promoting a general understanding of the environmental impact from sourcing of materials to the grave or recycling usageFull Description

Qualitative Research

secondary research for universities in VietnamFull Description

Job Satisfaction Research

1. Which research design(s) will you adopt for your topic (experimental, cross-sectional, longitudinal, case study, or comparative). Your answer must be two parts. First, which design(s) are selected and why (300 words minimum), then explain why the other design(s) not selected are not suitable for your project (200 words minimum).2. Your research must include both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Explain how each approach is relevant to your planned research, explaining which one is likely to be more beneficial. Consider the…Full Description

Expert In Qualitative Research Methodology (EXPERTS ONLY)

I need an expert writer to handle a qualitative research method of 5000wordsNB: EXpert and experienced writers only.Samples will be requestedFull Description


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