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Curl Log With He Ip

PHP or somthing also to curl log with he ip not my server ipFull Description

Setup Of Automated UTorrent Seedbox

I'm conducting research on how best to increase seeding scores within the BitTorrent ecosystem. A seedbox on [login to view URL] will need to be set up. uTorrent installed. Automated RSS feeds set up to download content that will most likely require seeding. No content will be removed from the seedbox. It does not matter what type of content or file type is downloaded. The optimum goal here is to have circ. 100files uploading at any one time - bonus…Full Description

Ip Tables - Restructure

Restructure Ip tables as some rules are dismissed because of the order? probably a 30 second fix for someone who has knowledge!Full Description

AWS Policy

I would like to have a IAM policy, The required scenario is that i have couple of users (User A, User B, User C) all users have Cloud Watch Dashboard. I want to restrict them seeing each others Dashboard but they could have full access to their own Dashboards. When User A log in to cloudwatch Dashboard he should able to see only his dashboard. Each user could have one or multiple dashboards.Full Description

Developer Need To Write Python Scripts And Setup A Cron Job To Run This Scripts

1) Takes csv from ftp, parse it and save it to the database table which is already created in the same format and set a schedule job for it happening every minute.2)extract data two days prior till month end from the same table and send it to an ftp server also a cron jobFull Description

AWS MySQL Auto Updates

HiHe have an AWS mysql database that require some recurring updates for maintenance purpose. We would like to develop a "tool" to do that. This tool would be used by administrator only so it need to be effective, not pretty.MAIN FEATURESWe would like to :- have visual checking/update on queries- setup the schedule time / run frequency (daily, hourly, 15 min)- be able to set an email notification, could be: never, on error, on success and error- enable/disable schedules- Build…Full Description

I Have Few Questions On Bios Configuration

I have few questions on chipset configurations, like pcie, sata, bifurcation, links, lanes, ... chipset description, motherboard configuration, description. I know the basics. like what is cpu, chipset, pcie, sata,....I want to know how they are related, like can a connector on a motherboard be connected to more that 1 port from the chipset?for an example, how many ports are in chipset? 18, 16, ? how many connectors are on a motherboard? 4,6,...? how the ports of the chipset are…Full Description

Migrate CPanel WHM Server Into ISPConfig Server

1 - Install ISPconfig panel2 - Setup Firewall CSF3 - Setup Softaculous4 - Migrate two wordpress websitesFull Description

Data Entry Clerk

Position Description Summary:Work schedule is from 4:00 pm to 12:00 am Monday to Friday with Saturday- Day Shift (Rotation Shift)The Data Entry Clerk is responsible for data entry of material source documents to a computer The clerk must also be committed to exceeding client expectations while respecting company policies.Principal Accountabilities:Collect, print/match documentation from document sources daily.Review/verify data and perform clerical tasks in data processing functionFile Shipment creation- Opens job files by entering data into the UNIX system, print documentation and…Full Description

Redirect Web Page After Trial Login Mikrotik Routerboard

???? ??????? ?? ??? ???????? ?? Mikrotik ???? ???? ???? ????? ??????? login ??? hotspot ?? ??? ????????? ?? ??? ??????!Full Description

Simple Python Program

I need a python (with GUI) to connect to a MS SQL Server and download a file from the web. Compare and then create an output. PM for full project details.Full Description

Cavnas LMS Production Start + SSL

Following Task need to complete in this project 1) Resize google cloud Disk2 Install bigbluebutton(Production Mode) and link with Canvas3) Fix Incoming mail issue in Canvas4) Canvas self hosted domain running on http, make it to https (use free certificate like let’s encrypt )5) Enable “Canvas Common” in Canvas Reference : [login to view URL]6)Enable Help section in Canvas7) Create documentation Or record session (commands) to install bigbluebutton ,http ->https, and how to enable canvas common.Note:> I am running self…Full Description

Esp32 Pico Kit

want to send data from esp32 to thingspeak channel using python on Zerynth IDEFull Description

Hadoop Admin Tasks

Hi, I had worked as a Linux/Unix System Administrator for 2 years and now I am looking for a change to my career to work as a Hadoop Admin. I have a basic understanding of HDFS(Namenode, Datanode, Trackers). Want to know what are the daily tasks, a Hadoop Admin does with enterprise clusters, what tools do they interact with, how to setup a big data cluster and add services to it such as Hive, zookeper, Oozie etc. I am specifically…Full Description

build a script to configure OSPF on ?topology in GNS3 with GUI using FlaskFull Description


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