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Influencer Who Can Entertain My Crowdfunding

person who has more than 20k followerFull Description

We Would Like To Hire An Enterprise Sales Management Professional

We are a veteran technical financial (Fintech) company planning to launch in Germany.We are looking for a professional salesman with strong verbal skills, great human relations and a developed business sense to open the market for create and develop sales opportunities with large/strategic accounts. Preparing activity statements and forecasting models and the ability to work under minimal supervision.Priority for fluent German speakers (English required at a good level)Full Description

Generation Of Sales Lead

We looks persons whos are generate sales leads for our service team. Your jurisdiction not important but, please, read very carefully about our service. Our homepage: [login to view URL]BPI Finance is an international company providing legal support and consulting services in different areas, like business migration, personal and corporate taxation, company formation and administration, accounting, auditing, residence permit, certification, licensing and many other services. We provide services in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa. Our lawyers are skilled professionals with…Full Description

Email Server

Configure the enterprise on my serverFull Description

Need An Experienced Broker To Sell My Website And App Online

I am selling my company CLASIFIKA.COM.I need an experienced broker to help me sell it.Full Description

Letter Of Credit - Shipping Documents

we have Party A is seller Party B is a broker and mid seller .Party C is final buyer .Shall Party C never learn about part C open an LC to Party B ///Party B want open an LC to Part A .How shall party B open LC to Party A and creat shipping documents with out Paty A & C knows each otherFull Description


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