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Statistical Physics

Some questions of the third beginning of thermodynamicsFull Description

Desarrolador En Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Necesito programador del lenguaje Microsoft Dynamics NAVFull Description

Help An End User To Learn The Basics Of Microsoft Dynamics

I am looking for someone who can provide me with an overview of how Microsoft Dynamics works from the user perspective. I have just started a new job where I need to become proficient in using Dynamics quickly and I would like some help in understanding how it works, how to search for information, how to create personal views and other functions which may help me become a competent user. I realise Dynamics can be applied to multiple business and…Full Description

Literature Review - Economics

A theoretical background literature review based on a provided outline. It focuses on The New Economy, ICT dynamics in the globalization context and having a major focus and connection with Income Inequality.Full Description

Dynamics 365 Portal

We are a small IT consultancy that delivers Office 365 and digitalization consulting to small businesses. We are now developing a Dynamics 365 Portal for self-service customer support. We want to also explore the possibilty of building a webpage for external users (leads) in Dynamics 365. As we mainly work towards customers, we do not have available resources to do this in-house so we are looking for someone experienced in Dynamics 365 to work together with. The job can also…Full Description

Market Research

•Manage primary and secondary research activities through available web-sources, interviewing of leads, cold-calling, and questionnaires•Collect, organize and analyze detailed data using qualitative and quantitative techniques•Ensure database is maintained in an accurate and consistent state•Using qualitative analysis tools such as Porters Five Forces model, PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis to represent the market dynamics•Estimating market size, and forecasting and writing high-level analysis.•Quality check of reports•Executing ad-hoc consulting assignments.•Writing proposals and articles.Full Description

Jet Reporting Out Of Microsoft Dynamics GP

I need to create a suite of financial reports using Jet ReportsFull Description

Crypto Coin Listing Bot And Trading App

Dear coders,I'm planning a mobile app that alerts its users about a new coin listing. I know there are tons of Twitter and Telegram bots out there providing this as a free or paid service, but barely any has been outstanding, thus quick enough. There's an existing mobile app already but it is too slow to actually be useful for trading on listing events: [login to view URL]Since not every listing leads to price gains, I'd focus on the major…Full Description

Matlab Coding To Solve An Astrodynamics Problem

atlab coding to be done having knowledge in understanding solving and understanding Astrodynamic principles.The freelancer should produce a detailed report of what the code means and solve the problem integrating the AMAII-Toolbox in the Matlab path! At the end of the job all code libraries should be sent. The script should run in any Matlab (2017+)Please read the word document for an extensive look into the task - steps are provided in the word document in order to gain a…Full Description

Microsoft Office 365 / Dynamics API Integration

Infinite Software Solutions, Inc has an Event and Association Management that we want to integrate with the Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 products. We are looking for a 6 month 40 hour per week commitment for this project. The following is required to work on this project. Full Stack Developers Skills and Expertise Required:•Language - Fluent English (Must)•Design overall architecture of the web application. (Must)•Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of applications. (Must)•Collaborate with the rest of the engineering team to…Full Description

Mantenimiento Micrsoft Dynamics NAV - Navision

Busco consultor freelance para mantenimiento de un sistema Dynamics NAV - NavisionFull Description

Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 As CRM For ISP / IT Company -- 2

We would like to use Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have setup already but just needs some customization and setting up ticketing system, integrate email and general configuration, I understand this will be a work in progress, happy to be guided with ideas and open to suggestions. Only people with Extensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience apply.Full Description

Microsoft Dynamics SL Query (SQL)

When we record an AP invoice, we select an account/sub account to post the expense to. Then we issue a check to the vendor to pay for that invoice. The normal accounting process is to book a transaction to "Accounts Payable" and "Expense Account". Then when you pay the invoice, an entry is made to "Accounts Payable" and "Cash".I'm trying to simplify that for a report that basically shows me the "Cash" with the source "Expense Account".What I am trying…Full Description

Arabic Speaking CRM Expert -- 2

Respond if ONLY you speak Arabic.1. CRM expert2. List the CRM platforms you have proficiency at?3. Must have certificates 5. Expert in sales process designFor screening attach a 2 min. voice clip in Arabic talking about inside sales techniquesFull Description

App Dynamics

we're looking for freelancer trainer who can train on app dynamicsFull Description


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