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Build A ChatBot

I want a chatbot to be built on my current working website.Full Description

Help Required With A Machine Learning Project

Need someone who can help me on a machine learning project. Only people with decent kaggle profile should apply, as i have only 2-3 days to complete this task.Full Description

I Need Data Scientist, Computer Vision Expert.

Please look at the job description carefully. Any bid with template will be hidden immediately. This is long term project, so you make the answers in details as much as possible. The candidate will be selected according to the answers.1. What are your thoughts about "clean code" and how do you ensure it ? (Please be as detailed as possible, because this would impact on hiring decision)2. How good are you in documentation ?3. Can you discuss in voice calls…Full Description

I Need A Python Developer

I need Python codes on a data. I have developed some codes and need a help in completing the codes..Full Description

EDR Solution

Need to build an End point Detection and Response solution. If anyone have experience on building similar project.Full Description

Data Science Project On Anomaly Detection

We are building a model for Anomaly Detection on multivariate data. We are targeting in getting the anomaly scores and importance of every variable for each observation.I used Isolation Forest for the same. We also used online platforms like BigML to get the results. But facing problem in getting those same results from R.We are mainly facing issue with getting the importance of individual variables for every observation.Full Description


A special project where we need a data scientist to comb through data from 150 survey respondents and find trends. Need to understand how woman answer vs. men, age differences, program differences, etc.Full Description

ML Project

I need help with an AI project focusing on the following algos:decision treesrandom forestsAda boostFull Description

Need Data Scientists

Need Data Scientists for part time and or full time position based in Hyderabad, all the details will be revealed if shortlisted.1) Hands on programmer with R/Python2) Demonstrable experience of 5 to 7 years in ML/AI/Data Sciences3) Sound Understanding of machine learning Algorithms, including classification, clustering, association and recommendation generation.4) Working experience with statistical inferences.5) Preferred experience with BI, DataScience, Nosql, RDBMS tools6) Prefered experience using cloud computing and storage, Microsoft azure storageFull Description

Build Django Website With Using Elasticsearch

I want you to build a website for my master thesis. Which is a data science project. So there will be user authentication at website. When user come to website he/she will create a user. After that website will ask how many tweets will he/she evaluate. For example if user typed 1000, website will select 1000 tweets from elasticsearch index which I have prepared and create new index with his name and update selected 1000 tweets first or second or…Full Description

Need Machine Learning Trainer In Python.

I need an expert Machine Learning expert in Python to help me quickly get up to speed on machine learning models. I already have 7 years of professional experience in analytics in SAS, R, Tableau etc. So please ensure that you have the level of expertise to add value to me.Full Description

Data Cleaning Using Python

mini project for people who want to build long term relationship with meFull Description

Lyric Data Science

I am just looking to see if there is a way to build an app or algorithm that tells what function words, and key phrases were used in hit songs across the globe.Full Description

Microsoft BI Or Tableau: Recommendation On DB Design For An Existing Key-value Pair Db

Since freelancer is removing line breaks, you might look at the attached text file with a better layout. I have 4 tables.Table 1 is simple: animalID, animal_name where animalID is unique and contains about 500 records (so about 500 different animal names). Ex. animalID; animal_name 1; dog2;cat...5; snakeTable 2 is a simple key value pair: recordID, animalID and it contains about 10,000 records. Ex. recordID; animalID1; 1 1; 2 (recordID 1 has a dog and a cat)2;5 (record 2 has…Full Description

Product Information Management & MDM Consultant

For a long term project, we are seeking high-performance Consultants to join our dynamic team. We are a rapidly growing consultancy focused on helping clients to effectively manage and market their products by leveraging technologies such as Product Information Management (PIM) systems and e-commerce platforms. our experience with enterprise PIM systems such as Agility Multichannel, Informatica (Heiler), inRiver, or Riversand is highly desirable.The Role:- Managing and exceeding client expectations- Key design lead in projects. Gathers and qualifies functional and technical…Full Description


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