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ESP8266 Project

Hi all,The project consist in programming an ESP8266 device with two or three different sensor: Dust sensor SDS011, CO2 sensor MH-Z19 and a temperature/humidity sensore like sensirion SHT31.Here you can find some documenation, online you can find further information:[login to view URL][login to view URL] code must have these features:1) when you connect to wireless AP of Esp8266 should be available a web page where you can connect to a wlan with list of all wlan available and the possibility…Full Description



Crear Calendario

Necesitamos un calendario donde cualquier persona pueda hacer una reserva con tan sólo su [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users] y su nombre y apellidos. Ese calendario estará dentro de nuestro dominio, debe tener una parte de administrador y poder enlazarlo con nuestro sofware que esta en lenguaje C#.El calendario que usamos ahora es este:[login to view URL]Full Description

Game Of Life

implement a game of life with c programFull Description

Get Reports From API Using C#

I need a script that connects to a system and extracts reports and saves in a database using an API.You must be good at c #More info will be sent as a messageFull Description

OpenGL Project

Anyone who is expert in OpenGL can take this project. I want to develop a Race car simulation in OpenGL. And remember it has to be 3D, and track has to show some curves can’t just be straight Anyone who is expert in OpenGL can take this project. I want to develop a Race car simulation in OpenGL. And remember it has to be 3D, and track has to show some curves can’t just be straight.Full Description

Telegram Forward Bot

Forward message recieved from a channel where user is added .Note user is not added to a group .Full Description

I Have Few Questions On Bios Configuration

I have few questions on chipset configurations, like pcie, sata, bifurcation, links, lanes, ... chipset description, motherboard configuration, description. I know the basics. like what is cpu, chipset, pcie, sata,....I want to know how they are related, like can a connector on a motherboard be connected to more that 1 port from the chipset?for an example, how many ports are in chipset? 18, 16, ? how many connectors are on a motherboard? 4,6,...? how the ports of the chipset are…Full Description

HTML To A C++ Program

Hi,I'm looking to create a small software to manage my client. In fact I can manage my client from my website, but I would like to have a solution (software) that I can make my modification into the software and all modification are upload to the online version of the software.Is is possible to "kind of port" my codeignition script to software without major cost?Can we do it over the software autoplay?Advice me of the best solution so we can…Full Description

Prestashop Modifications

- New Orders view:We have created an employee profile that can see just order list and order details.We need to filter that for a certain user, so he can just see orders to USA and Canada.It must be a new module, called “Connecting Module: Filter for USA ” that adds a new Orders list page, listing just orders for USA. This page must be available only for this new employee profile we created.- Add tax info in invoices.We need to…Full Description

I Need To Hire Developer With Python And Android Skills .

I will provide details in PM.if you have python and android, c++ skillls, please bid.Thanks.Full Description

Generative Logo Desktop Application

I'm Lead Designer on a University Identity Design project and am trying to develop a generative crest for the university—an interface that has sliders for different crest elements such as bottom point depth and curve, side curvature, top point depth/number and curvature. I've tried it as a variable typeface but am not fluent enough, nor do I think it's the appropriate application for it. Attached are example variable axes as well as an interface I'd like to mimic.Full Description


We are looking for a Mumudvb expert for an existing platform of IPTV.The need is immediate, response will be prompt.Thank you for contacting.Full Description

Game Developer With OpenGL Experience

You will make a race-car simulation in OpenGL with pre defined conditions and a set of rules You will make a race-car simulation in OpenGL with pre defined conditionsFull Description

HS USB MEMS Microphone On STM32F769-Discovery Board.

Project Overview:We are working on a HS Microphone driver for the STM32F7 microcontroller. We have a base project that functions periodically that needs to be debugged so that the microphone works 100% of the time.More Details:For a little background, The original project was ported from the STM32Cube Expansion MEMs MIC 1 project and I have modified the project to work with the STM32F769, HS USB and to take audio data from a static file to eliminate any issues with interrupts…Full Description


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