Build a List of 3000 Leads in France of Company names and the telephone Numbers (Fintech/Blockchain/Financial Services/Sharing Economy/Payment Services/Car Manufacturers)

I need said free lancer to help source around 3000-5000 1. Companies HQ in France in France: This needs to fit and be Organised according to the below categories in an excel Sheet. List of Companies Names of (Company types) : (Blockchain/Fintech/Financial Services/ Sharing Economy/Payments/Car Manufacturers Bid on this Project!

Build me a game/Dapp on TRON blockchain

Looking to build a trading card game on the TRON network, don't have much knowledge in the programming field so looking for front end and back end development as well as all the blockchain side of things including trc10 tokens etc. I will be crowdfunding in near future to help fund this, a link to … Continue reading Build me a game/Dapp on TRON blockchain

Blockchain Electronic Voting System Creation

We need you to develop a blockchain electronic voting system for us, which can be accessible through an application and website for our users. The blockchain electronic voting system will of course require a database , network, world state , SDK and chain code etc. We require two channels each with three voters the total … Continue reading Blockchain Electronic Voting System Creation

Blockchain traceability for my crop

I need to develop a small Blockchain system where I can record all the traceability of each plant in my crop, that is, it should leave a record of 15 activities per plant Practically there are 2 modules, one to register the activities and another module to validate all the processes carried out through a … Continue reading Blockchain traceability for my crop

logo blockchain hedge fund

Ascension CapitalBlack/White font > please check examplesicon > please check example Hi, Attached you will find some examples of designs. I would kindly ask you to integrate the triangle with the logo. So you can use the 'ascension capital' logo and add the triangle icon. We need a logo with a blockchain vibe/triangle. Thanks, Steven … Continue reading logo blockchain hedge fund