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Image Processing Taskk

looking ffor help forr imagge prrocessingg [login to view URL] details chatFull Description

Python Expert

Looking for python expert to work with us for the long term.Top skills, a rich of understanding of code architecture and the algorithmFull Description


Any one who can implement gmsk mod and demodulation using frrquency fhopping and timing based execution according to multiple usersFull Description

Hiring For Etsy SEO

Looking to hire for my Etsy shop SEO. Must be familiar with the Etsy website. I am really trying to maximize my sales, as etsy has change their algorithms multiple times this year.Full Description

Java Live Help

Need live java help for solving some questions.Example question: Write a function:class Solution { public int solution(int[] A); }that, given an array A of N integers, returns the smallest positive integer (greater than 0) that does not occur in A.For example, given A = [1, 3, 6, 4, 1, 2], the function should return 5.Given A = [1, 2, 3], the function should return 4.Given A = [?1, ?3], the function should return 1.Write an efficient algorithm for the following…Full Description

Image Processing In Matlab

Looking for image processing expert in matlabFull Description

Strassens Matrxi Multiplication In ADA Language

hi, i have to implement strassens mulitplication program in ADA laguage.Full Description

Math Calculation Script For Martingale Betting Strategy

Hi freelancers,I need a very, very simple script to do calculations for martingale betting strategy.The formula is the following:1+(1*multiplier)+(1*multiplier^2)+(1*multiplier^3) etcIt can be formulated in 2 ways, and I want the script to be able to calculate both.x+(x*y)+(x*y^2)+(x*y^3) = zIt needs to be able to calculate either;value x, when Y and Z are given.value y, when X and Z are given.value z, when X and Y are given.Thanks; It should be a very simple task.Full Description

Slack Bot To Extract Slack Conversations And Return Domain Experts

Front-end: User interacts with bot through slack. User asks bot to show persons skilled in certain skills (1 or more). Bot replies with 5 names of people skilledFor backend - We want to create employee profiles to show relative skillsets in different domains, micro (specific libraries like BeautifulSoup or Jquery) as well as macro (machine learning). Since everyone commits code on Bitbucket and more than talk, a person’s code should decide his proficiency, We can scrape Bitbucket every fifteen minutes…Full Description

Text Mining _ Classification Of The Jobs Offers Based On The Skills Using Python_mongodb

I have jobs offers and list of skills that i want to extract form the jobs offers, i want to know the implement classification algorithms and choose the best one based on the accuracyFull Description

Text Mining _ Classification Of Jobs Offers Based On The Skills Using Algorithms

I have job offers as data and list of skills that i have to extract form the jobs offers and doing classifications using classifications algorithms and choose the best one based on the accuracy Skills : text mining python MongoDBFull Description

Image Recognition

I have folders that have images. I wan to recognize images that have a "house" on them from ones that have no "house" on them. The image that doesn't have a "house" on it - would be put in an excel spreadsheet by "image Number" on the image. I can send you a dropbox link to a test file. I can also supply thousands of "good images" with houses and thousands of images "Full Description

Text Mining _ The Similarity Between Jobs Offers Based On The Skills

I have job offers as data and list of skills that i have to extract form the jobs offers and doing similarity using similarities algorithms and choose the best one based on the accuracy Skills : text mining python MongoDBjavascriptFull Description

Python Code In Dynamo

I want a python code to implement job shop problem algorithm in Dynamo REVIT for my project. Contact me for more explanation. We can do team viewer session and I will provide more details.Full Description

Thermal Camera With LoRa

It's a small project. But I really need to rush this projectAt the end of the project, a fully developed system compromising of the following components1) Raspberry Pi 3 Model V 1.2 2) inAIR9B Antenna3) Adafruit AMG8833 Breakout Thermal Imaging CameraInterconnected together, should be produced. The objective of the project is to be able to use the Thermal Imaging Cameras to detect and count the number of current Passengers that are in a bus.The data collected from the thermal camera,…Full Description


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