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Create A Editable PDF

I have a pdf that I would like to send as a questionaire so that people can fill it out, save it and email it back to me. The format is attached. I want to change the top graphic portion and have one basically like the attachment and the other only using the 1st and 3rd set of questions.Full Description

Formatting Of 78 Page Word File In Corel

I need to get formatting done of a Hindi book current text is a word file I want to get the formatting done in Corel file.Full Description

Graphics Text Reading Commenting Research

Valuation document that needs to be redacted REDACTED neat clean dark black boxes covering certain confidential or private text. Redaction is used for many different purposes - in this case, to protect client's details so that a document that is useful to others can be made availableAn example of how it looks (from a completely different unrelated field) is attachedSuit someone with a technical, logical, introverted mind that pays attention to detail and accuracy$27.50Full Description


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