Larry Wall began work on Perl in 1987, while working as a programmer at Unisys, and released version 1.0 to the comp.sources.misc newsgroup on December 18, 1987. The language expanded rapidly over the next few years. Perl 2, released in 1988, featured a better regular expression engine. Perl 3, released in 1989, added support for binary data streams.Originally the only documentation for Perl was a single (increasingly lengthy) man page. In 1991, Programming perl (known to many Perl programmers as the "Camel Book") was published and became the de facto reference for the language. At the same time, the Perl version number was bumped to 4—not to mark a major change in the language but to identify the version that was documented by the book. Perl 4 went through a series of maintenance releases, culminating in Perl 4.036 in 1993. At that point, Wall abandoned Perl 4 to begin work on Perl 5. Initial design of Perl 5 continued into 1994. The perl5-porters mailing list was established in May 1994 to coordinate work on porting Perl 5 to different platforms. It remains the primary forum for development, maintenance, and porting of Perl 5. Perl 5 was released on October 17, 1994. It was a nearly complete rewrite of the interpreter, and it added many new features to the language, including objects, references, lexical (my) variables, and modules. Importantly, modules provided a mechanism for extending the language without modifying the interpreter. This allowed the core interpreter to stabilize, even as it enabled ordinary Perl programmers to add new language features.

Appraisal order auto accept - repost

Hi I need a software that will automate the appraisal order capture process, the software needs to log in to several web sites and log in, go to new orders, input a captcha generated
Tue, 22 Oct 2013 11:25:19 -0400

Make this linux app run on write-protected USB-flash drive and put data/logs on a 2nd USB-drive

Make this linux app run on write-protected USB-flash drive and make it put data/logs/swap files on a 2nd USB-drive App is located at : - If you...
Mon, 21 Oct 2013 16:13:11 -0400

Make this linux app run from write-protected USB-flash drive and put data/log files on a 2nd USB flash drive

Please write what related prior experience you have and why you are the right coder for this project. Make this linux app run on write-protected USB-flash drive and make it put data/logs/swap files...
Mon, 21 Oct 2013 16:15:31 -0400

Change linux app "Iblock" so it can run from write-protected USB flash drive

Change linux app "Iblock" so it can: - run from write-protected USB flash drive from Linux Mint 15. (All snort rules and all config files and other static files must be placed on write-protected drive)...
Mon, 21 Oct 2013 15:43:31 -0400

Urgent perl task

Please check the attachment and let me know if you can do fast or not
Mon, 21 Oct 2013 09:57:45 -0400

Scrape data from websites into relational database

I would like to have specific data scraped from two websites. I would like that data put into a relation MySQL database. One site I have had some success using PERL and HTML::TableExtract and the other is a flash website...
Mon, 21 Oct 2013 06:01:09 -0400

De-compile and Compile a software/tool that I have with few changes

Hi there, I own a software/tool that needed some basic changes which includes :- 1. Change of Software's title when launched, in startmenu (after installation). - Means, currently the software...
Mon, 21 Oct 2013 05:18:18 -0400
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