Logo design:

Today there are many corporations, products, services, agencies and other entities using an ideogram (sign, icon) or an emblem (symbol) or a combination of sign and emblem as a logo. As a result, only a few of the thousands of ideograms people see are recognized without a name. It is sensible to use an ideogram as a logo, even with the name, if people will not duly identify it. Currently, the usage of both images (ideograms) and the company name (logotype) to emphasize the name instead of the supporting graphic portion and making it unique, by it non-formulaic construction via the desiginal use of its letters, colors and any additional graphic elements. Ideograms (icons, signs, emblems) may be more effective than a written name (logotype), especially for logos being translated into many alphabets; for instance, a name in the Arabic language would be of little help in most European markets. An ideogram would keep the general proprietary nature of the product in both markets. In non-profit areas, the Red Cross (which goes by Red Crescent in Muslim countries) is an example of an extremely well known emblem which does not need an accompanying name. Branding aims to facilitate cross-language marketing. The Coca-Cola logo can be identified in any language because of the standard color and the well known "ribbon wave" design. Some countries have logos, e.g. Spain, Italy, Turkey and The Islands of The Bahamas, that identify them in marketing their country solely for tourism purposes. Such logos often are used by countries whose tourism sector makes up a large portion of their economy.

Young Lifestye

Want a nice logo online for my up and comming clothing line.
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 23:19:41 -0400

Mask 50 pictures to remove background

Mask 50 pictures of a woman to remove the background (leave only the person) and provide the mask as PNG (see example below) See example of similar files (in this case a man) for your reference: IMG_0036.JPG...
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 23:54:21 -0400

Logo, website branding including pictures and SEO work

After a change of plans - I am going to purchase a web template / working website that requires some branding with healthcare pictures and also a business logo designed and integrated to a completed website...
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 21:48:41 -0400

Logo Design

Hello, I am a co-developer for a cloud based company. The companies name is going to be called Jet-Stream. While I cannot disclose the actual product since the patent is still pending, I can go into...
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 15:35:44 -0400

Design a logo

Design a logo for multi trade and painting business. We are painting company which also does render, plasterboard, and various other construction work
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 16:05:09 -0400

Civil engineering

Insaat muhendisi + insaat firmai icin logo , insaatla ilgili guzel ve cok renkli olmayan bir logoya ihtiyacim var
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 15:06:47 -0400

Zlecęwykonanie logo firmy i projekt wizytówki 2 stronnej

Jesteśmy mała rodzinną firmą, dlatego szukamy kogoś kto niedrogo i szybko zaprojektuje nam proste logo firmy i wizytówkę 2 stroną. Szczegóły do dogadania mailowego.
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 15:17:28 -0400

Personal Business Card

I want a business card with two sides. On one side i want my company logo (IBM) - My name - company title- phone number - email information. (this side can be more formal ) On back side i want my master's...
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 15:22:12 -0400

AXXA Energy Logo

I am looking for someone to create a Logo for this energy company ASAP. The company will be a multinational Petroleum trading company. I am looking for a professional logo that will be able to stand firmly...
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 14:21:11 -0400

Logo/T-Shirt Design

I am a independent Hip Hop artist looking for my name to be designed as a logo and put for print on a T-Shirt I go
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 12:36:26 -0400
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