Because either, both a Compiler-JVM set(called an SDK or JDK) or the lone JVM(called a (JRE) Java Runtime Environment) is made for most computer platform OSs and the compiled programs for the JVM are compiled into special Java Byte code files for the JVM the Byte-code files(compiled Java program .class files) can be effectively transferred between platforms with no requirement to be recompiled excepting versioning compatibility, or special circumstance. The source code for these J2EE servlet or J2EE JSP programs is almost always supplied with J2EE JSP material and J2EE Web Applications because the server must call the compiler when loading them. These small extension programs (custom tags,servlets,beans,page scripting) are variable and likely to be updated or changed either shortly before runtime or intermittently but particularly when sending JSP page requests themselves, it requires the JSP server to have access to a Java compiler(SDK or JDK) and the required source code (not simply the JVM JRE and byte code class files) to successfully exploit the method of serving.
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